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Boni Mores, good Practices

What makes an extra virgin olive oil unique?

The characteristics of the soil, the robust roots of the plants, the harvesting and processing techniques are all, of course, fundamental elements for a good oil.

Mut the main ingredients ofBoni Mores oil are the care and passion that we put every day in our work, the commitment we put into every stage of processing and the “best practices” that we follow from the field to the bottle to create an organic extra virgin olive oil that surprises the palate and enhances the flavors of your table.

Discover the world Boni Mores

Why Boni Mores:

Olives are exclusively harvested from the tree

By hand or through machinery that safeguards the plants.

Cold extraction

Grinding between 23 and 24 degrees.

Milling withing 24 hours of harvesting

From the tree to the crusher in minimal time.

Storage in steel with bottling on request

Bottling on request to preserve the properties of the oil.